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Mix Dry Fruits 310 g (RS 1,195)

Mix Dry Fruits 310 g (RS 1,195)

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From around the corner to around the world, MAK Foods providing Quality Dry Fruits that inspire your pocket.


Mak Dry Fruit Brings The Best Quality Nuts And Dried Fruits To The Market

Mak Dry Fruit brings the best quality nuts & dried fruits & flavors from all around the world into your bag and onto your plate. The Mix Dry Fruits pack is available at Mak Dry Fruit and contains iron, fiber, and protein. A high level of quality and freshness is ensured. This beautiful combination is a tasty and fulfilling treat and ensures you stay energetic throughout the day. Make sure you keep this pack away from direct sunlight.

Pakistan’s Mixed Dry Fruit Price Is Reasonable.

Mix dry fruits are high in vitamins and proteins, and they boost immunity and protect against lifestyle diseases, such as cholesterol and diabetes. Most dry fruits are rich in minerals, proteins, fiber, and vitamins add to that they are tasty too. Mixed dry fruit price in Pakistan is reasonable. Buy Mix Dried Fruit online in Pakistan at a reasonable price.

The Food Pyramid Includes Dry Fruits As A Vital Component

If you are fond of dry fruits but want to buy them at a reasonable price, Mixed Dry Fruits are the best choice. The nutrients in dry fruits include protein, vitamins, iron, calcium, and fiber. Low-calorie foods like these are natural appetite suppressants and flavorful additions to meals and snacks. Dry fruits are an essential part of the food pyramid. It is a pleasure to eat these dry fruits because they are so tender and delicious. Gifts made with dry fruit combo packs are also a great idea. Our team delivers fresh dry fruit bundles to your door. Mak Dry Fruit offers dry fruit gift boxes for sale.

Our Dried Fruit Selection Is Extensive

In addition to helping digestion, dried fruits boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and improve sleep. Our dry fruit and nuts gift boxes come in a variety of flavors.

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