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Roasted Chickpea 280 g (desi) (Rs. 325)

Roasted Chickpea 280 g (desi) (Rs. 325)

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Roasted Chickpea (Bhuna Channa) is now available. You can buy roasted chickpeas online from MAK Foods.

Chickpeas: What Are They?

The chickpea, scientifically known as Cicer arietinum, is a legume belonging to the Fabaceae family. It is also called gram, Bengal gram, garbanzo (garbanzo beans), and Egyptian pea. In addition to being exceptionally high in protein, chickpeas are also known for being a good source of fiber.

Generally, chickpeas can be divided into two types – Desi and Kabuli. In addition to having smaller and darker seeds, the Desi type also has a rough coat, whereas the Kabuli type is usually larger, lighter colored, and smoother. In addition, we have black chickpeas, also known as kaala channa.

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