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Sago 120g (Rs. 95 )

Sago 120g (Rs. 95 )

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Sago Dana is a type of starch taken very carefully from the center of different types of tropical palm stems. It is naturally full of carbohydrates and provides an abundance of energy, therefore, is a fantastic, low-fat, wholesome ingredient for cooking dishes. You can buy these seeds online.

Sago (Sago Dana)

Sago, which is also known as Sagu Dana and Cycas Revoluta, is a starchy substance common to Indian cuisine. It is extracted from the stems of sago palm trees and then processed into small, circular pellets, which are sometimes referred to as pearls. These pearls are commonly used as energy-boosting ingredients in soups, puddings, smoothies, side dishes, and main courses. It is not a low-calorie food, nor is it a good source of protein and fiber.

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