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SIDR HONEY 500g (2195 RS)

SIDR HONEY 500g (2195 RS)

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berry honey (sidr honey)
Berry honey is eaten by the king of all honeys. It takes a bee 20 to 25 days to make normal honey, and a normal honey bee makes 12 months of the year. Whereas honeybees need 4 months to make berry honey and only get one chance to make it in a year. Berry honey is thicker and more aromatic than normal honey, and its benefitsĀ areĀ more.

Discover the Richness of SIDR HONEY from Mak Dry Fruits

Indulge in the pure goodness of SIDR HONEY, sourced directly from the finest forests. Known for its exquisite taste and numerous health benefits, SIDR HONEY is a cherished delicacy worldwide.

Benefits of SIDR HONEY:

  • Natural Sweetness: Enjoy the distinctively sweet flavor that sets SIDR HONEY apart.

  • Health Boost: Packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, it supports your immune system.

  • Digestive Aid: Known for its digestive benefits, SIDR HONEY soothes and calms the stomach.

Why Choose Mak Dry Fruits SIDR HONEY?

  • Premium Quality: We meticulously select and deliver the highest quality SIDR HONEY to your doorstep.

  • Pure and Natural: Our honey is free from additives and preservatives, ensuring you get only the best nature has to offer.

  • Trusted Source: We partner with ethical beekeepers to bring you honey thatā€™s as pure as it is delicious.

Explore the richness of SIDR HONEY with Mak Dry Fruits and experience the difference in every spoonful. Add a touch of natural sweetness to your day with our premium SIDR HONEY.


SIDR HONEY (Beri) - A Rare Honey Variety from Mak Dry Fruits

What is SIDR HONEY (Beri)?

SIDR HONEY (Beri) is a unique honey variety sourced from the blossoms of the Beri tree. This rare honey is known for its distinct flavor profile and exceptional health benefits. It is harvested in limited quantities, making it a prized choice among honey enthusiasts.

Flavor Profile

SIDR HONEY (Beri) offers a rich and aromatic taste with subtle floral notes. Its unique flavor makes it a versatile ingredient in culinary dishes, beverages, and desserts.

Health Benefits

Rich in antioxidants and natural enzymes, SIDR HONEY (Beri) supports immune function and promotes overall well-being. It is valued for its potential digestive benefits and soothing properties.

Sourcing and Quality

Mak Dry Fruits ensures the highest quality SIDR HONEY (Beri) by sourcing it from reputable beekeepers who adhere to strict quality standards. Our honey is pure and free from additives, preserving its natural goodness.

Culinary Uses

SIDR HONEY (Beri) can be enjoyed in various ways:

  • Drizzled over yogurt or fruit

  • Added to teas and beverages for natural sweetness

  • Used as a topping for pancakes or toast


We are committed to sustainable practices in honey production, ensuring that our sourcing methods support environmental conservation and ethical beekeeping practices.

Discover SIDR HONEY (Beri) from Mak Dry Fruits and experience the exceptional quality and flavor of this rare honey variety.


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